Got the Microsoft student partner graduation certificate!


I highly recommend any student to go and compete to become a Microsoft student partner. It’s a one of it’s kind program and the best campus ambassador program you could ever find! check out: for details and learn about how to apply for the program. If you have any further questions, drop a comment here – I’ll try and answer to the best of my knowledge.

Anyways, I got the Microsoft student partner (MSP) graduation certificate for 2010 – 2011. Being a MSP was super fun and I learned a lot of things too! I will cherish my tenure as a Microsoft student partner forever.  Thanks MSFT!


Paras Doshi,

Ex – Microsoft student partner (Nirma University, India)

12 thoughts on “Got the Microsoft student partner graduation certificate!

  1. kimaya joshi

    Am Kimaya Joshi. I got selected as an MSP for the year 2012-13..
    But i need your help with how to start as an MSP..??
    What do i do now..?? please help me..

    • Congrats on getting selected! Do you have a MSP portal? In there, there will be activity ideas that you can go and see. If you haven’t received access to portal yet – you’ll soon. And it’s a great resource to get started!

  2. Rohit

    Hey, I just wanted to know that what do I need to do after getting selected as an MSP..I have received an email of confirmation but since then there is no response…What do I need to do next?

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