Got Microsoft community contributor award << Paras Doshi


I got Microsoft community contributor award! it seems like a great program and I am happy to have received this award. Thanks readers and forum members for being an active part of this one of its kind community. I believe it’s best in the world and I hope the spirit of learning and sharing lives for decades to come. And I like it that Microsoft dedicates it’s time and energy to add value to the wonderful community that we all are part of. very few companies have it and I am glad I am a part of an ecosystem where a company that is at the nucleus of the ecosystem cares about it!

Thanks again.


Summary – SQL server to SQL Azure migration << Paras Doshi

In this blog post, I aim to summarize database migration options that I have been blogging about for past few weeks. Choosing right tool is a key decision when you decide to migrate SQL server to SQL Azure – And I hope this blog post can help you decide which is the best tool to be picked for your scenario:
Here is the summary:
Scenario/ToolGenerate script wizard SSISBCPDAC v2.0
Migrate SQL schemaYESYES YES
Migrate large Data YESYESYES


Blog Posts featuring tools that help migrate SQL server database to SQL Azure:


Migrating SQL server Data to SQL Azure using BCP << Paras Doshi


How to use SQL server Integration services (SSIS) to migrate data from SQL server to SQL Azure << Paras Doshi

Generate script wizard:

How to use Generate script wizard to migrate SQL server Database to SQL Azure << Paras Doshi

Dac’s v2.0 (SQL Azure Import Export CTP):

[ SQL Azure Labs ] Exploring SQL Azure Import/Export Feature (CTP)


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Got the Microsoft student partner graduation certificate!


I highly recommend any student to go and compete to become a Microsoft student partner. It’s a one of it’s kind program and the best campus ambassador program you could ever find! check out: for details and learn about how to apply for the program. If you have any further questions, drop a comment here – I’ll try and answer to the best of my knowledge.

Anyways, I got the Microsoft student partner (MSP) graduation certificate for 2010 – 2011. Being a MSP was super fun and I learned a lot of things too! I will cherish my tenure as a Microsoft student partner forever.  Thanks MSFT!


Paras Doshi,

Ex – Microsoft student partner (Nirma University, India)

Migrating Data from SQL server to SQL Azure using BCP


BCP is an ideal straightforward command prompt driven tool to push data from one table to another similar table. This makes it an excellent tool to carry out data migration from SQL server to SQL Azure. And here is a blog post: Migrating SQL server Data to SQL Azure using BCP << Paras Doshi, i have written to show how we can migrate SQL server data to SQL Azure using BCP tool.

Never let your Domain name Expire. Never!


i just learned that one should never let a domain name expire if one is keen on not losing it and keen on not paying hefty price later on.

it turns out after a domain name expires, it normally takes about ~60 days before it gets deleted and is available to public to register. And if one wants to renew the domain between deletion and expired period – one has to shell out “restoration” amount.

my domain account portal states:

“The Registry charges higher fees for Restoring a domain name and hence, Restoration is an expensive process. It is time-consuming too and usually gets completed within 3-5 days. Restoration cost: INR 3864.53”

Now INR 3864.53 is approx 80$ while i bought the domain for just 5$!

Also if the domain has high page rank – from my little research, i learned some bots pick it up as soon as they land in general area and so you become the ex-owner forever.

FYI: i never intended to renew the domain – that’s why i ignored the three Alert mails that i got from my registrar before it expired. And i logged into portal just for the sake of curiosity. but for once, think – what if i did not want to lose it?

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Presented on “What Mobile Device(s) Plus cloud computing mean for the real world” at Ignite Ahmedabad


It was fun presenting at inaugural Ignite Ahmedabad club. I presented on “what mobile devices plus cloud computing mean for the real world” in 5 minutes! yeah, Ignite has an unique format. 20 slides + 5 minutes + slides automatically change every 15 seconds. So for me, it was a novel experience! Learn more about Ignite:

More about my Talk:

My aim was to show that Mobile devices that could leverage the power of cloud computing could change the world for good! With cloud computing gaining momentum, we will see mobile devices that would delegate compute and/or storage to the cloud making the mobile device to do much more than it’s capacity may have allowed. Basically, I babbled about my Fantasies! The day my mobile device would become as powerful as a supercomputer – you know, by embracing the concept of cloud computing. Later, I also talked about Microsoft’s project Hawaii which facilitates cloud enable mobile computing. That was it! it was super fast, it was super fun!

I look forward to presenting at such forums again!