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My guest post on “SQL Azure interview questions and answers” got published on Pinal Sir’s blog. URL: http://blog.sqlauthority.com/2011/07/25/sql-server-azure-interview-questions-and-answers-guest-post-by-paras-doshi-day-25-of-31/ 


List of Interview questions:

1. What is SQL Azure?

2. What is cloud computing?

3. How is SQL Azure different than SQL server?

4. How many replicas are maintained for each SQL Azure database?

5. How can we migrate from SQL server to SQL Azure?

6. Which tools are available to manage SQL Azure databases and servers?

7. Tell me something about security and SQL Azure.

8. What is SQL Azure Firewall?

9. What is the difference between web edition and business edition?

10. How do we synchronize On Premise SQL server with SQL Azure?

11. How do we Backup SQL Azure Data?

12. What is the current pricing model of SQL Azure?

13. What is the current limitation of the size of SQL Azure DB?

14. How do you handle datasets larger than 50 GB?

15. What happens when the SQL Azure database reaches Max Size?

16. How many databases can we create in a single server?

17. How many servers can we create in a single subscription?

18. How do you improve the performance of a SQL Azure Database?

19. What is code near application topology?

20. What were the latest updates to SQL Azure service?

21. When does a workload on SQL Azure get throttled?


For answers, please refer: http://blog.sqlauthority.com/2011/07/25/sql-server-azure-interview-questions-and-answers-guest-post-by-paras-doshi-day-25-of-31/

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