I just logged an Idea on My Great Windows Azure Idea:


Being an Azure consumer, i feel the need to monitor my usage. It is more critical than ever to be able to keep a tab on the usage because the charge of the service is directly proportional to my usage. And since i have submitted my ultra secret credit information – i have to keep monitoring it so that i do not get a surprise when my credit card summary shows up! So i just logged an idea on http://www.mygreatwindowsazureidea.com that proposes that – if the service administrator wishes – he could get the billing summary daily/weekly via Email. This saves the time to log in to the billing portal (MOCP portal) and check for charges. So if you feel the same, i request you to vote for the feature at http://www.mygreatwindowsazureidea.com/forums/34192-windows-azure-feature-voting/suggestions/1990157-email-weekly-daily-billing-summary.

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