I just logged an idea on mygreatsqlazureidea.com


As of now, SQL Azure only supports one account administrator and one service administrator. So if there is a need to have a need for more people to manage the SQL Azure service, then go and vote for the feature ‘ability to have more than one account administrator and/or service administrator’ @ http://uservoice.com/a/kcZVd

Also you may want to read a related blogpost on MSDN blog: “Co administrator doesn’t see SQL Azure in Portal

Earlier, i had logged in the idea “multiple servers (located in different data center) under single subscription” @http://uservoice.com/a/amp50 which got completed and it shows that team is actively monitroing this forum – so if you have any idea on SQL Azure, go and share your idea on mygreatsqlazureidea.com

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