“Times have changed. We now have a new breed of leaders called – affectionate leaders” – R Gopalakrishnan


i got a chance to hear one of the respected corporate personnel of Tata group, R Gopalakrishnan , at a Ahmedabad Management Association. His second book – ‘ when a penny drops ‘ was launched. Later, he addressed the gathering. The aim of his talk was to share his insights and provide audience a general idea about his new book. He mentioned that major focus of the book is to imbibe leadership skills into young minds. The major part of the book is about understanding from our experiences. He mentioned a study undertaken by Tata management center titled ‘lessons leaders learn‘ to understand how leaders learn from their experiences. I liked his talk and i can say from the talk that this book is for those who want to develop their leadership qualities. Apparently, ‘when a penny drops’ means A belated realization of something after a period of confusion or ignorance.

” We do things without knowing the science behind it ” – R Gopalakrishnan, Tata

– Paras Doshi

TED Video: Visualizing the medical data explosion by Anders Ynnerman


Data visualization fascinates me. Churning out jaw dropping visualizations by extracting information from heaps of data is always challenging. Being a computer engineering student and information management enthusiast, i realize the process involves complex algorithms and considerable computing power.

Data visualization can enable a Decision maker to make better decisions. It enables them to see the information in an holistic manner.

here’s the video:

Paras Doshi