Book review : If god was a banker by ravi subramaniam


This is the insider’s fictionalized account of how Indian professionals experience the world of foreign banks. The novel has all the ingredients that keeps it very interesting read till the vey end. Ravi Subramanian is an IIM-graduate.
Ravi’s style is very similar to Chetan bhagat. Like Chetan bhagat’s novel, this story too has dark background and then story heads to bright ending. Two young management graduates, with nothing similar in family backgrounds and temperament, join New York international bank on the same day and take entirely different routes to success. Both rise up the ranks at breakneck speed. One is aggressive and will stoop to anything to get ahead while the other guy is mature and sensible, with high regard for good old ethics. Then there is a top notch banker who plays the benevolent god whenever crises loom over the young guns. The story is peppered with ambition and frustration, deceit and malevolence, love and lust, struggle for power and status. The story reveals the nuisances of a corporate life and at the same time has idealized the importance of ethics in professional life.

– This book review was published in Rotaract club of Nirma university’s annual magazine Reckon.

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