Book Review : Funda of Mixology – ” what bartending teaches that IIM doesn’t..” by maniak dhar


“what is this life if full of care,
We Have no time to stand and stare….” – william henry davies.

This is what our condition has become. We often don’t get time to follow our heart’s desire. How many of you are tired of rat race and want to quit n follow your heart’s desire? If so,then this book is for you. This book will rejuvenate your spirit. This novel will inspire you to carry your life to extremes!
A young man from IIM working in a private firm is tired of his corporate life. He dreams of leaving his job and writing a novel and pursue a career in journalism. He is tired of the corporate culture and the blind race to climb the corporate ladder but is enjoying the financial freedom. He was bemused. And one day he gets a chance to pursue his desire. His company is downsizing and is paying two year salary for those who wish to leave. So he gets interested in the proposal and is seriously considering the option to leave his job and follow his desire. And then there are series of events which completely changes his life. He does not quit his job, writes a novel which is soon going to be published, climbs the corporate ladder, proposed his lady love, leave’s his habit of drinking and is much happier and satisfied…all this within a year!! Amazing, huh?? I bet.

I am sure this novel will change your outlook towards life.

[This book review was published in Rotaract club of Nirma Institutes Annual Magazine]