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It’s been close to a year that I have mentored students on the Springboard platform — I found that It’s a great way for students to accelerate their learning through mentorship & structured course material — And so If you considering data analytics or data science courses, I would recommend to check out Springboard as well!

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As a data scientist, are you dissatisfied with your career? Why?


As a data scientist, I am not dissatisfied. I love what I do!

But I might have gotten lucky since I got into this for the right reasons. I was looking for a role that had a little bit of both tech & business and so few years back, Business Intelligence and Data Analysis seemed like a great place to start. So I did that for a while. Then industry evolved and the analytics maturity of the companies that I worked also evolved and so worked on building predictive models and became what they now call “Data scientist”.

It doesn’t mean that data science is the right role for everyone.

One of my friends feels that it’s not that “technical” and doesn’t like this role. He is more than happy with data engineer role where he gets to build stuff and dive deeper into technologies.

One of my other friends doesn’t like that you don’t own business/product outcomes and prefers a product manager role (even though he has worked as a data analyst for a while now and is working on transitioning away).

So, just based on the empirical data that I have, data science might not be an ideal path for everyone.

Hope that helps!


Where do data scientist hang out online?


There are few places that I can think of where data scientist hang out online:

  1. Social media: Twitter, Youtube
  2. Q&A: Quora, Reddit (DS threads), Stats.StackExchange
  3. Competition sites: Kaggle, Analytics Vidhya
  4. Blogs: KDNuggets, DataTau
  5. MOOC’s: Coursera, Udacity, Springboard, edx, datacamp