Data visualization: List of largest IT companies in the world


I was going through the list of largest IT companies in the world. And I thought, it would be great to see it visually! so here it goes:

[created using Power View in Excel 2013)

power view scatter chart excel 2013Configuration of Scatter Plot:

fields list power view scatter chart excel 2013

Some of observations:

– Foxconn has low revenue/employee ratio (I guess, it’s because they must be employing a lot of workers for their electronic manufacturing plant at low cost)

– Samsung is ranked number 1 and Apple is ranked 2. But apple has better revenue/employee ratio. Also Apple’s market cap (represented by Size of bubble) is greater then that of Samsung

– there’s a cluster that comprises of MS. Google, Amazon.. etc Also one more cluster of HP, Panasonic and IBM

And here’s the Data that I’ve used:

Rank Company Revenue (USD Billion) Employees Market cap
1 Samsung Electronics $188.10 221,726 $200
2 Apple $156.50 76,100 $427.62
3 HP $120.30 331,800 $32.46
4 Foxconn $119 1,230,000 $27.20
5 IBM $104.50 433,362 $229.45
6 Panasonic $99.65 327,512 $22.70
7 Microsoft $73.72 94,000 $231.03
8 Dell $62.07 106,700 $22.97
9 $61.09 88,400 $120.03
10 Fujitsu $54.46 173,155 $125.83
11 Intel $53.34 104,700 $105.26
12 Google $50.17 53,546 $248.31


Bill Gates and Steve jobs together (Not unreal!) discussing on Future of Technology.


Contrary to the first impression you might have formed; it’s neither a debate nor a legal battle room, it’s more a suave discussion¬† on Future of Technology. In this video series: Two of the geeks i admire and read about – Bill gates and Steve jobs, share a podium and talk about things they did, things that can happen and generic stuff in the world of computing.¬† Throughout the video, you will notice the playfulness in their eyes when they try pulling legs of each other; they are small kids again! they are by no means trying to undermine each other but in a subtle way are trying innocently to have fun while discussing some of the concepts of the world of computing in general. it’s like watching two kid-adults playfully discussing on things that will change our world!

I liked their discussion on how cloud computing could find a niche in the world of computing and how and ways it could coexist with contemporary forms of computing.

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