[Notes] Atlanta Business Intelligence User Group – Mapping Data in Power View & Tableau


Here are my notes from the Atlanta BI user group that I attended today:

Topic: Head-to-Head on Maps: Mapping Twitter in Tableau and Power View

Power View


Setup/Installation? Office 2013 [Professional Plus editions], SharePoint 2010 onwards [Enterprise Editions] Public, Online, Desktop, Server
Licensing Get applicable office/SharePoint license Tableau Public is Free.Tableau Online is $500 per user/year.

Tableau Server has Per-User or Per-Server-Core model

*Note that if you’re using Tableau server’s per-user model the cost is $1000 per named user/consumer (min. 10 users) and $2000 seat for 1 developer.

**Contact Tableau Sales. Please don’t evaluate the product based on the information provided here as the information might change in future

Data Sources [SharePoint] Power Pivot Model, Analysis Service Cubes[Excel 2013] You can connect to data sources that excel supports and then create power view report on top of it. Tableau Public Supports Excel, Access & Text filesOther version of Tableau can connect to a variety of data sources.
Product Category Ad-hoc reporting a.k.a Self Service Business Intelligence Ad-hoc reporting
Ease of use easy easy
Visually Compelling? Yes Yes
Custom Shape Files No Limited
Motion effect No Yes
Product maturity Power View is new to the game Tableau is a leader in data visualization space
Additional Notes Power Map is an add-in by Microsoft that focuses on “Mapping”. It’s part of the newly announced Power BI suite.

2 thoughts on “[Notes] Atlanta Business Intelligence User Group – Mapping Data in Power View & Tableau

  1. This week, I got one year license of Tableau Desktop! Totally enjoying the variety of possible data source connections I can have with it, especially Google Analytics! Can see a positive change in E-Commerce and Social Commerce with Tableau / GA mash-up.

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